Programme Manager

Salary: £45,000 to £50,000 pa

Industry: Automotive

Job Type: Permanent

Location: West Midlands

Reference: 28317-jh

Expiration date: 02 February 2018

Job Purpose: The Programme Manager runs individual vehicle programmes within a carline. They are responsible for the day-to-day delivery of all aspects of the programme from initial definition through to Start of Production.

Key Responsibilities & Tasks:

  • Create and Manage Product Definition
  • Produce through cascade of corporate objectives from Business and Cycle Plans (as cascaded through SPM), in line with MISSION delivery process.
  • Define detail by leading the cross-functional team.
  • Ensure there is compatibility across all areas.
  • Document & communicate using the SEL/PDL process.
  • Manage and escalate as required any changes to Product Definition to ensure alignment with programme targets and communicate to the business.
  • Lead Change Management
  • Manage the ETRS - Ensure the ETRS is set in line with MISSION process. Manage the team to deliver to the ETRS requirements.
  • Own and manage the change deck from approval of eCMS concerns being added to the deck, setting the containment and permanent corrective action constraints, validator and approving ERNs (Sheet A) raised on the back of this.
  • Create and Manage Programme Financial Structure
  • Produce targets through cascade of corporate objectives from Business Plan (as cascaded through SPM) and through benchmark cost data.
  • Define target detail by leading the cross-functional team, ensuring there is compatibility across all areas.
  • Document & communicate targets in collaboration with the Finance team.
  • Lead, with the Finance team, the regular programme finance reviews within the programme.
  • Manage and escalate as required any changes to programme finances, identify any gaps to target and direct the cross-functional team to mitigate.
  • Ensure Gateway and Checkpoint Adherence
  • Work with each deliverable owner to ensure they meet the requirements of each programme milestone within the required timescale
  • Identify incompatibilities ahead of the event and put in place actions to resolve.
  • Escalate issues as required, and in a timely manner, to ensure the responsible area is supported to resolve outstanding actions.
  • Ensure any Amber issues are followed up to completion following a gateway in the prescribed timescale.
  • Manage Programme Timing / VPP
  • Create the Vehicle Programme Plan in line with MISSION principles and process whilst integrating cross functional commodity and other critical timing factors.
  • Identify areas of incompatibility and lead the team to resolve, escalating where necessary, to maintain target timing.
  • Ensure the programme adheres to MISSION and other company processes.
  • Deliver Prototype Builds - Lead the relevant departments to plan and execute prototype builds including number of vehicles, specification, BOM, and prototype commodity plans to ensure all requirements are compatible and builds are fit for purpose.
  • Manage the Bill of Material to ensure this is completed to the required timescale for BoM file set-up, virtual series events and physical builds with inputs from all areas and aligned with product definition.
  • Lead the Programme Steering Team through creating the agenda based upon programme priorities and ensuring the cross-functional team supports with the necessary information. Communicate this status to Senior Management weekly.
  • Seek out opportunities to improve processes and work with the stakeholders to roll out.
  • Ensure collaborative working across the Application Engineers/Managers at the Programme 'Round Table'
  • Act as stand-in for the Senior Programme Manager when required

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Engineering Degree or equivalent in appropriate discipline
  • Direct experience of whole vehicle or complex system delivery in an engineering environment
  • Experience of delivery through a new product introduction scheme such as MISSION / GPDS
  • Experience of OEM based whole vehicle delivery
  • Deep understanding of the phases of a new product delivery programme
  • Understanding of the phases of a whole vehicle programme in OEM environment
  • Able to lead x-functional teams in technical and commercial environments
  • Competent in major Microsoft Office suite of programmes
  • Strong time management, accuracy, diligence, ability to balance and prioritise multiple tasks to meet programme objectives.
  • Logical, objective approach to planning and problem solving
  • Good leadership qualities – able to lead a matrixed x-functional team to deliver objectives
  • UK driving licence advantageous