Senior Engineer - Tuneables Integration

Salary: £35,000 - £40,000 pa

Industry: Automotive

Job Type: Permanent

Location: West Midlands

Reference: 28516-swh

Expiration date: 01 March 2018

Job Purpose: The main purpose of this role is to support designs, simulations and improvements of Chassis systems from concept through to production.

Key Responsibilities & Tasks:

  • Support the generation of Chassis system targets and documentation.
  • Support hard point generation, progression and official release.
  • Generate nominal bush, spring and ARB stiffness’ for builds.
  • Develop tuneable part requirements and distribute to Component Engineers.
  • Generate and maintain Chassis tuneable part trackers
  • Maintain documentation for Chassis System status versus targets
  • Support characterisation of tuneable parts and generation of component data for CAE models
  • Support tolerance requirements for Chassis hard points and tuneables
  • Support investigations within Chassis department into ride, handling and steering problem resolution and continual improvements.
  • Analyse vehicle test data such as K&C results and correlate with Simulation data.
  • Work with Vehicle Attribute areas to ensure chassis concepts are compatible with vehicle level targets.
  • Support problem solving/quality teams as directed by management.
  • Keep abreast of technical developments within the industry.
  • Liaise with Manufacturing to ensure Chassis and Manufacturing requirements are met.
  • Assist with component and system benchmarking.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Engineering Degree in appropriate discipline
  • Extensive Chassis design and component experience.
  • Experience working with tuneable parts in an OEM
  • Experience of setting and maintaining Chassis system targets
  • Good understanding of Chassis Dynamic properties and tuning.
  • Competent with Chassis CAE software (ADAMS/CAR, SHARK, VI-Grade Car Real Time)
  • Good working knowledge of Matlab
  • Working knowledge of Suspension, Braking, and Steering systems
  • Knowledge of Mission Product Development process or equivalent (GPDS, FPDS)
  • Strong time management, accuracy, diligence, ability to balance and prioritise multiple tasks to meet customer needs
  • Competent in all Microsoft Office applications