2017 was a Record Breaking Year for UK Renewable Energy

Last year broke several records for renewable energy in the UK, and 2018 is set to break even more records.

Since we have rung in the new year, we are now looking ahead to the trends on 2018. It's useful, then, to look at what happened in the past 12 months.

One big continuing trend was the development of renewable energy such as wind, solar, tidal, hydro and biomass.

As well as our well-established base in supplying services to conventional power generation markets, Millbank looks forward to continusing to support the growing renewable energy market in 2018 and beyond. This reflects our commitment to assisting our clients' ever-evolving needs.

Here are some amazing records broken in 2017 for renewable energy:

  • First 24-hour period without coal generated power
  • Longest period without coal generation
  • 52 per cent of energy generated from low carbon sources during the greenest summer on record
  • Lowest amount of carbon produced by electricity production at any one moment
  • Largest amount of energy produced from renewables at any one moment
  • First time wind, nuclear, and solar produced more than gas and coal
  • More electricity generated from solar energy than ever before at a single moment, producing a quarter of Britain's energy supply
  • Highest percentage of solar produced relative to national demand
  • Most wind power ever produced in a single day
  • Most offshore wind power produced in a single moment
  • Most electricity produced from all wind generation at any moment
  • Most electricity produced from hydropower at any one moment

(Source: City AM)

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