25 Key Questions to Prepare for your Next Job Interview

Have you got a big job interview approaching? Check out our infographic containing all the key questions you need to have answered in preparation.

The single most important part of any job interview is preparation. You can be the most suitable, highly skilled candidate possible, but without proper preparation, you have no chance of properly representing yourself and are unlikely to get the job.

The answers to the following questions might prove useful in your interview, and they might not. But you should still have answers so you can properly shape your understanding of the role you’re applying for, the company you’re hoping to work for and your own skills and qualities.

In researching your answers ahead of time, you will get a feel for just how suitable for the position you think you are and whether this is a company you really want to work for, as well as assessing your own goals. So this exercise is a win all round.

You might find it useful to writer all your answers out to make sure you’ve covered everything and will remember it all. Remember, this is just for your own personal reference and your potential new employer need never see it, so be as blunt and straightforward as you can.

We've prepared an infographic and slides containing all the most important questions - click here to download the full version, or take a look below.

25 Key Questions to Prepare you for your Next Job Interview from Millbank


25 key questions to prepare for your next job interview

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