3 Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview - 12 Days of Christmas - Day 10

When interviewing for a job, it pays to be as prepared as possible by knowing what questions to ask your potential employer. Here's three suggestions.

Before we get underway, you might be wondering how important it really is to be asking great questions of your interviewer. After all, aren’t you there to answer questions? Well, yes, but asking a good question can be just as important as answering one.

Why? Because it shows you’re paying attention and are interested in the role, the company and the opportunity being presented. It can show you’re thinking about whether the job is a good fit for you and demonstrates your values. It also gives you input to the process rather than answering cookie-cutter questions and gives you a chance to stand out.

And, of course, there might be things you just want to know about the company and the job that don’t come to light unless you ask about them.

So, what’s a good place to start when asked if you have any questions of your own?

What’s the company culture like here?

Finding the right cultural fit can be a massive part of finding the right company you want to work for. What effort does the company put into creating a good working environment? What do its employees believe, and what are their values? If these don’t fit with your own, it might not be the best opportunity for you in the long term.

What’s the biggest challenges/opportunities at the company right now?

Not only will this give you insight into where the company will be focused in the near future, but it also demonstrates your interest in being part of tackling these issues or seizing the opportunities. If you can link their answer back into your own skills and experience, it can significantly boost your chances against other candidates.

What’s the career path for people typically in this role?

As well as making you look ambitious and looking to grow with the company, this question asks how people progress in the company. Do they promote internally? What sort of staff retention level do they see? This demonstrates the level of commitment they company has to employees, as well as what they expect from the employees in return.

We’re wrapping up out 12 Days of Christmas countdown this week! What will the final two days hold? Check back tomorrow to see.

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