9 Last-Minute Gift Ideas - 12 Days of Christmas - Day 4

Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas countdown is here, and it’s something we hope you find really useful if you’re struggling to find the right gifts.

With only 16 days until Christmas, you hopefully have some idea of what presents you’ll be placing under the trees of your loved ones. But if not, don’t worry. We’ve come up with a few last-minute gift ideas – nine to be precise.

Google Home Mini

£49 from Argos

This is one of those gifts you might not think you need – until you start using it and see how useful and entertaining it can be. It’s great even for those who “have everything” – even if you already have one, you can always use another (one for each room of the house for example).

Adventures in Petlandia story book

£19.99 from Petlandia

This is a gift sure to delight pet owners, as they will receive a personalised story book starring their cat or dog. You can customise the story itself with their name and the name of their pet, and the animal featured matches the breed and colour of their furry friend.

Adventures in Petlandia

Driving experience vouchers

From £39 at Virgin Experience Days

Everyone likes to drive fast – some more than others, as the points on their license might attest to. A track day allows you to not only drive as angry as you like, but also lets you do it in your dream car. You could even jump behind the wheel of an Aston Martin racing car!

Fortnum & Mason Odditeas

£6.95 each variety, Fortnum & Mason

Tea might not be an obvious choice of Christmas present, but this is no ordinary tea. You’ll surprise your loved ones with off-the-wall flavours like Lemon Curd tea, Gin & Tonic tea and even Chilli & Ginger tea.

VR Headset

Samsung VR - £89.99 at Argos

It seems like VR (virtual reality) has been the “next big thing” for decades, but now it’s “the big thing” of the moment. If you’ve never tried the current generation of VR experiences, you’ll be blown away – and so will the recipient of this gift.

Personalised Wine

£19.99 from Getting Personal

Everyone loves a personalised gift. It feels special and thoughtful, especially if the gift itself is something they love. Like wine – a festive treat that you can continue to enjoy all year round. Getting Personal lets you add a name and even photos to the bottle label for a memorable present.

Sega Mega Drive

£59.99 from Argos

Here’s a blast from the past. This retro console come preloaded with 81 games and features all your favourites. This is a perfect gift for anyone who remembers opening an original Sega Mega Drive in their childhood – surely the best gift a child of the 90’s could get.

Game of Thrones Monopoly

£24.99 from I Want One of Those

Monopoly is fiercely competitive at the best of times – especially at Christmas. Now, winter is here, and that means this Game of Thrones edition is perfect for those cold nights in with the family. Just don’t let your dad take the Iron Throne.

Christmas Cheer Hamper

£85 from Great Gift Company

What do you think of when you’re reminded of Christmas? Shortbread, wine, Christmas pudding? This hamper is packed with everything you need to enjoy “the most wonderful time of the year” all in one place.

Check back next week for more of our “12 Days of Christmas”!

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