Construction progressing at Hinkley Point C - Latest updates

Construction of the UK’s first nuclear power plant in a generation – Hinkley Point C – is well underway in Somerset.

Some 1,600 people are hard at work on site each day, and they’ve made some impressive strides already. At peak, over 5,000 construction workers will be working on site.

The construction of the plant, which is projected to take ten years, is expected to create 25,000 jobs in total and become the biggest construction site in Europe.

It will generate 7% of the UK’s electricity over its 60-year lifespan, during which time 900 permanent staff will work on site.

Construction milestones

The first concrete was poured on site this week, marking the first nuclear safety concrete to be poured for a new power station in the UK for 30 years. The concrete is being laid down for the power station galleries.

There has also been progress on a new sea wall, and a temporary jetty which will take 250 lorryloads of materials off the local road network for each shipload delivered – great news for the local community.

Work on a store capable of holding 57,000 tons of aggregate is also underway. And the first two cranes of more than 50 are already built.

Millbank’s work with the nuclear industry

Nuclear has been an important industry at Millbank for many years, with our consultants having worked closely with projects at sites such as Sellafield and Hinkley Point over the years.

We have expertise in the needs of these emerging nuclear new build projects set to refresh the UK’s energy requirements over the next several decades.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in nuclear new build opportunities.

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