Did You Know? Why We Change the Clocks Back and Forwards

On Sunday at 2am, the clocks in the UK go back one hour. But do you know why we do this and how the idea came about?

Here are some facts about Daylight Saving that you might not have known:

  • This is the 100th anniversary of changing the clocks in the UK.
  • The idea was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin while he was in Paris as an idea to save on candles.
  • Changing the clocks was campaigned for in the UK by William Willett (Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s great great grandfather), but it wasn’t implemented until the year after he died.
  • Willett strongly supported the idea so he could play golf for more of the day – Today many golf courses report increased business as a result of this.
  • During World War 2 the clocks went forward two hours in the summer, which was called British Double Summer Time.
  • The Monday after the clocks go back, heart attacks fall by 21% (when they go forward, heart attacks increase by 25%).

So now you know, and you’ll (hopefully) remember to put your clocks back and enjoy an extra hour in bed.

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