Australian Grand Prix – Millbank’s F1 Predictions

The 2018 Formula 1 season gets officially underway this weekend, and unsurprisingly, our Automotive recruitment team has some predictions.

Barring any tampering from the Aussie locals, we think the Mercedes power will come into full effect on the tracks’ long straights, giving Great Britain’s Lewis Hamilton the top spot.

We predict that Red Bull will be close on Hamilton’s heels though, with home country favourite Daniel Ricciardo also on the podium. We also think Ferrari will find the third spot in this opening race.

Our team can also see the determined Spaniard Fernando Alonso finding his way into the top six, after surprising many in testing by coming close to the fastest lap towards the very end.

Our season predictions

It’s hard to deny the dominance of Mercedes, which is why our Automotive team thinks it will be a dash to the finish between Hamilton and Vettel for top spot (and a secured constructor top spot for their team).

However, we can see Aston Martin Red Bull also doing very well and getting to second place in the constructor championship (maybe we’re a bit biased).

McLaren will see better form later in the season, by our reckoning. We think they will get a race win at some point.

Will you be watching, and what are your predictions?

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