Jobs at Hinkley Point C - Are you prepared?

Now is the time to make sure you’re positioned to take advantage of the new jobs created by Hinkley Point C.

The British government have given the go ahead for construction of Hinkley Point C, the first new nuclear power plant in the UK for 20 years.

For anyone with skills applicable to the nuclear, construction or industrial sectors, this is fantastic news. Across the board, the construction industry will benefit hugely from Hinkley Point C, which will be the UK’s largest construction project, spanning ten years and creating 25,000 jobs, as well as 500 apprenticeships. Once the site is operational, it will employ 900 people.

At Millbank, we work closely with some of the biggest engineering consultancies operating in the UK, including many of those already on the preferred supplier list for Hinkley Point C.

As construction continues, we expect to fill many more roles directly related to Hinkley Point C. Now is a great time to get your CV to one of our consultants, who will work with you to make sure you are considered for the right job at Hinkley Point C.

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