Meet the Team - John Hall, Recruitment Consultant

Since joining Millbank in 2014 as a trainee, John Hall has worked his way up to becoming a valued member of our Automotive team.

John works closely with major manufacturers and F1 racing teams to source high quality candidates. As one of our youngest consultants, John brings a fresh approach to his team. This complements the maturity of his colleagues in our Automotive team, some of whom have over 15 years of recruitment experience.

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Q&A with John Hall

John Hall, Recruitment Consultant at Millbank

What made you decide to pursue a career in recruitment?

I initially started out as an Administrator for a high street recruitment agency some years ago, but after listening to my colleagues on the phones for a few weeks and going out on client visits, I felt like a career in the recruitment industry was something I wanted to pursue. The MD was kind enough to give me an opportunity and I ran with it.

What led you to join Millbank? What appealed about joining Millbank?

After moving around through a couple of other high street agencies I felt like I wanted to be part of a more technical recruitment industry. An opportunity through my previous employer meant I was introduced to Millbank.
My first impressions as I walked through the door were how impressive and high class the office looked along with the staff being more mature and refined, meaning the work was more interesting and rewarding. The professionalism, experience and knowledge that I was greeted with during my interview made this a perfect opportunity for me to start a proper career.

What makes Millbank different from other places you have worked?

The background and the history of Millbank, the people that work here and their vast wealth of knowledge and experiences with some of them actually being ex-engineers themselves. You know that when our consultants are on the phone that they know what they are talking about. That’s where Millbank sticks out more than anywhere else I’ve worked before.

How has Millbank helped you progress and develop as a consultant?

I started out as a trainee, being given an opportunity to shadow Nigel French and learn about the technical recruitment industry, understand the vacancies that we receive and get to know the type of clients we work with. Thanks to his 25 years of working at Millbank and continued support, I was able to progress to full recruitment consultant status.

With my passion for all things automotive and motorsport I was moved to Alan Johnson’s Automotive team, learning from his 17 years of experience here, and have continued to progress ever since.

What interests you most about the Automotive sector, and what trends do you think will shape Automotive in coming years?

The thing that most interests me about the automotive sector is how you can take a simple thought, sketch and design then mess with gravity, wind and a huge amount of engine power to create a full blown high-powered sports car.

Each year that passes brings newer and more innovative technology to power the vehicles of our future. If you look back 10 years the use of hybrid and electric powered cars was just in its early days and now they are becoming a fairly common sight on our roads, so who knows what will change in the next ten years, but I can hopefully see our dependence on the old outdated fossil fuels being a thing of the past.

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