Christmas is Coming – Count Down with Millbank’s Advent Calendar

What treats are in store behind each door? Find out by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook each day in December leading up to Christmas!

Nothing gets us more excited for Christmas than opening up another door on our Advent Calendars each December morning. Not only does it mean one day closer to Christmas Day, but you also get a sweet treat behind each door.

Unfortunately a digital Advent Calendar can’t deliver chocolate surprises, however at Millbank our online Advent Calendar has some equally fun and handy daily rewards.

Each day leading up to Christmas we’ll open another door on our Advent Calendar to reveal a top tip for job seekers, as well as a little-known Christmas fact. We bet you haven’t heard many of these before!

To follow along, make sure you’re following us on LinkedIn, Twitter and our new Facebook page.

Here’s the unopened calendar – can you guess what each day’s fact might be about?

Millbank Advent Calendar

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