Could Offshore Wind Use Your Skills?

The UK is the global market leader in offshore wind power, with a target of 10GW of capacity by 2020 bolstering demand for skilled professionals.

There is big investment coming into the UK from around the world for new offshore sites, and many energy professionals are realising their skills are transferrable to this tantalising sector. According to the Telegraph, over a third of the marine engineers working offshore as part of the UK’s growing renewable energy industry have made the move from the oil and gas sectors.

This is especially opportune at a time when the oil market is in a downturn, casting uncertainty in the UK energy sector despite the reconfirmation of the long awaited Hinkley Point C project.

Big Investments in Offshore Wind Energy

Speaking of which, the potential for investment in offshore wind energy exceeds £21bn, surpassing the £18bn price tag on Hinkley Point C. Plus, 10GW (wind) vs 3,260 MW (Hinkley Point C) also represents fantastic value for money.

Some of the more exciting sites in development include Beatrice off the north east coast of Scotland, Hornsea Project One (the world’s largest offshore wind farm) off the Yorkshire coast, and Burbo Bank Extension, an addition to the existing Burbo Bank near Liverpool.

Millbank’s visit to Burbo Bank

Millbank recently paid a visit to the Burbo Bank Extension, which is being built by Denmark’s DONG Energy, via a cruise as part of the International Festival of Business. The first of 32 MHI Vestas 8MW wind turbines was recently installed, becoming the world’s largest offshore wind turbine at 195m tall (taller than two Big Bens or one Gherkin skyscraper).

We are currently working with a major manufacturer supplying for some of the biggest offshore wind farm developments in the UK. If you have skills relevant to energy and are interested in this exciting sector, make sure you upload your CV to our site today.

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