Resignation Process

With the excitement of securing a new opportunity often comes apprehension about breaking the news to your employer.

As an experienced recruiter, we’ll help make the resignation process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Informing your employer: Whatever your reason for leaving, there’s a standard procedure that you should follow to inform your employer. A concise and professionally worded formal letter is usually your best option, and don’t forget to check the notice period in your contract. Think carefully about your choice of words and keep in mind the importance of leaving on good terms.

Exit interviews: When they receive your letter, it’s likely that your employer will invite you to attend an exit interview. They may want to discuss your reasons for leaving and address any issues you’ve faced. Above all, our advice is to remember that you are moving on. Avoid any negative comments and remain calm and professional.

Counter offers: Your employer may use your exit interview as an opportunity to tempt you to stay with the company, so be prepared to face offers of promotion or maybe a salary increase. We’d advise you to remember your reasons for submitting your resignation. If you’re unhappy with the company or your role, it’s unlikely that more money or greater responsibility will change that.

Be a ‘good leaver’: When you’ve made your decision, keep in mind that good leavers can be hard to find - and make sure you’re one of them! Be respectful of your notice period unless your employer agrees to an earlier exit, and remain professional at all times. As tempting as it may be to voice any issues or frustrations, it’s vital to maintain a positive relationship and leave on good terms. You never know what the future may hold and who you may encounter again later in your career.

The Millbank team are here for you. We’re on hand to support you throughout the resignation process, so if you have any burning questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01928 751000 or drop your consultant an email.

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