Contract Recruitment

Quality and accuracy are crucial when sourcing contingency contract staff. We move fast and deliver timely solutions to meet your demands.

Whether your requirements are focused on niche skills or high volume recruitment, we’ll supply the skills you require to where they’re needed most.

The engagement of consultancies/PSCs and temporary workers to create a flexible workforce should always be scalable to meet your project’s needs. Contingency and contract resources provide the flexibility to complement your existing permanent workforce as and when demand dictates.

Key benefits of contract recruitment include:

  • Flexibility - if your requirement is on a short or medium term basis, then a contract solution can be offered
  • Cost - use of a contract workforce can help to manage and reduce spend
  • Speed - Millbank can supply temporary workers at short notice
  • Reassurance - we managed every detail including arranging visas or work permits and managing a local payroll to ensure complete fiscal compliance
  • Data - our database provides the size, diversity, accuracy and quality to cover your requirements

Our expertise in the temporary and contract recruitment market is unrivalled and our range of delivery models and managed solutions fully support our clients’ temporary and contract requirements.

To discuss your contract recruitment needs, please don’t hesitate to email us or call 01928 751000.

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