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Your Online Reputation

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, or even just open to new opportunities should the right one materialise, it’s important to present yourself in the best possible light on social media.

Any potential future employers can view your social media information by simply typing in your name. If this information paints a negative picture about you, it could seriously hinder your chances of getting hired.

The good news

You are in control over what you post and how your profile looks. This means you can improve your chances of getting that interview or job offer if you take the time to review and optimise your profiles.

Here’s a quick guide to preparing your social media profiles for a job hunt.


The most obvious social network to use when on the look-out for jobs is LinkedIn, the professional social network geared toward job seeking, recruitment and hiring.

Recruiters use LinkedIn every day, not only to search for candidates, but also to cross-check information about candidates from other sources.

The best way for recruiters to quickly investigate the appropriateness of a candidate before making contact with them directly is by searching for their name on LinkedIn. They’ll be on the lookout for relevant experience, skills and recommendations from colleagues.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is as up to date as possible in order to help you stand out to recruiters and potential employers. LinkedIn is made for this purpose and will guide you through completing and updating each section of your profile.

Get active

One way to get ahead is to be active in using LinkedIn.

Like, share and comment on post in your news feed. Write articles for LinkedIn Pulse – they don’t have to be long or particularly ground-breaking, but content like this will help you stay relevant and get your name on other people’s news feeds each day.

Connect with relevant people to expand your network. You never know which connections might help you in your job search at some point, so be proactive!

Open Candidates

If you are actively looking for your next career move, make it easy for recruiters to reach out to you by placing your email address or contact number on your profile, or invite contact via InMails.

‘Open Candidates’ is a new feature on LinkedIn which allows you to declare yourself actively looking for job offers and proposals, without informing your current employer. This is a clear signal to recruiters and will make you easier to connect with.

To activate this, go to the LinkedIn Jobs homepage or click here for a shortcut.

Facebook and other social networks

Recruiters and potential future employers are increasingly likely to look at your personal social media presence to make sure there is nothing untoward about their potential new hire.

In most cases, review your privacy settings to hide all but your most basic profile information from the public. This is considered good practice on Facebook anyway, so just make sure your profile picture and cover images are appropriate, as these are still likely to show up publicly.

Since you never know who in your circle of friends might one day think of you for a job, it’s always a good idea to be mindful of what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anywhere else.

Avoid posting updates featuring strong language, risqué content, or references to things like drugs, alcohol, guns, violence and other explicit themes.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook Jobs is a new feature that allows businesses to post jobs on their company pages and candidates to apply using their Facebook credentials.

This will make applying for jobs a lot quicker and easier for you, but as it directly links your application to your Facebook account, make sure your profile is up to date, and take extra care about what a prospective employer can see.

The internet contains more information about us than ever before, and it’s easy for anyone to access. Rather than holding you back from great opportunities, proactively use these tools to show potential employers that you’re the kind of person they want to hire.

To speak to us about your next career move, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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