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bespoke recruitment

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Each client we work with can be different in size, service and culture so that’s why we offer bespoke recruitment solutions to meet their needs and work together to provide the answers to their recruitment needs.

Whether it be recruitment, payroll, or compliance related, we want to work with all of our clients to be their preferred recruitment partner.




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So, are you looking for a provider that will work in collaboration with you and provide the bespoke recruitment solution needed?

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trust us to be your dedicated partner in achieving your talent acquisition goals and together we can drive your business forward


client testimonials

At Millbank we take great pride in the exceptional work we consistently deliver to our clients with our outsourced recruitment service.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our esteemed clients have to say about the services we provide:

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payroll solutions

We realise that although for some roles you will ask us to source and use our network to find candidates, you will also have staff that have their own network to contact.

That’s where a payroll solution could be a good solution.

We have partnered with several organisations where any contractors they identify themselves can be setup via ourselves with a compliant contract, payroll service and invoiced according to your needs.

This reduces the time of engaging directly with the contractors individually, and normally means they are paid on a quicker basis than a business type contract you have with other suppliers.

We offer candidate PAYE contracts directly or they can opt to use one of our audited Umbrella Payroll providers should they wish to.


Outside of IR35? We can also setup business to business contract for Limited Companies / Personal Service Companies, should you have determined them to be outside the regulations.



Supporting your IR35 Reasonable Care Process

Talking of IR35, given the new regulations, there is a bit more to do in setting up a reasonable care provider and providing Status Determination Statements (SDS) for the assignment.

Need help and support? Then please get in touch with us.

Working with you, we can help you find the tool you need to provide the SDS required or have access to a tool you can incorporate into your reasonable care process.

We can give you an overview of how the legislation works and point you in the right direction in setting up this process so it’s in line with the regulations.



Outsource recruitment without the need for an RPO

Recruitment outsourcing can be a complex and timely process to setup, so why not simplify things?

A number of our clients use us as their prime or preferred agency where we work as the only supplier supporting key roles.

With this exclusivity, you get the assurance the roles are being worked with urgency and care.

We will supply candidates and give you key feedback on the assignments we support.

It’s also about working in collaboration to meet a common goal.

Working with one agency frees up your time to work on other priorities and ensure you get the best outsourced recruitment service possible.



But I do want an RPO or Managed Service Agreement..

OK OK, you’ve twisted our arm, we can help you.

We have several case studies which include, providing an RPO for a key engineering contractor to the nuclear industry for 7 years and another supporting a major automotive brand for over 6 years.

We retained these agreements for these long periods given the satisfaction provided to the client. We can manage the whole recruitment process, invoicing for recruitment cost and provide the payroll services needed.

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