first day impressions

first day impressions

tips for a successful start

Your initial days at a new job can shape your future prospects, so we're here to help you make the best impression possible.

With our support and your dedication, the possibilities for growth and achievement are boundless.



helpful guidance

We've curated this friendly and professional guide, that will help you present your best self, build strong relationships, and create a positive impact from the very start.

5 essential steps to take

be prepared

Before your start date, take the time to familiarise yourself with what to expect.

Research the people you'll be working alongside or reporting to, and consider reaching out to them through LinkedIn or email.

By connecting in advance, even with a simple message, you demonstrate your enthusiasm to be part of the team and lay the foundation for building relationships from the get-go.






present your best self

While it may seem obvious, paying attention to your appearance, punctuality, and attitude can make a significant impact on your first impression.

Your new colleagues will form their perceptions of you as soon as you walk through the door, and those initial days are crucial.

By dressing professionally, showing up on time (or even a few minutes early), and radiating a positive attitude, you set yourself up for a strong start and leave a lasting positive impression.

Listen carefully

During your first days, it's essential to be an attentive listener. Focus on absorbing information, and ask thoughtful questions when appropriate.

Everyone recognises that you're in a learning phase, and most people are willing to share their knowledge.

By actively listening and seeking relevant information, you not only gain valuable insights but also demonstrate your commitment and eagerness to contribute effectively to your role and the company.

offer solutions

As a newcomer, you bring a fresh perspective to the company. This can be an opportunity to identify gaps or issues that may have gone unnoticed.

When addressing these concerns, it's crucial to present viable solutions. Your new boss will appreciate your proactive approach and problem-solving mindset. However, be mindful of striking the right balance. While it's essential to highlight areas for improvement, avoid coming across as a complainer or know-it-all. By offering well-thought-out solutions, you position yourself as a valuable contributor and a voice of reason.

build trust

Establishing trust early on is paramount to your success in a new role.

In addition to the aforementioned points, there are other ways you can foster trust with your boss and colleagues.

Demonstrate your organisational skills and productivity by providing progress updates.

This way, your boss will feel confident that you’re progressing well in your new role without pestering them too often, which will create a better working environment for you as well.


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