Chassis & Electrical Total Delivered Cost Champion

Rate: £27.00 - £29.00 per hour

Industry: Automotive

Job Type: Contract

Location: West Midlands

Reference: 27126-gs

Expiration date: 06 June 2017

The purpose of this role is to coordinate the evaluation, validation and implementation of cost saving ideas within their function / PMT.

Aston Martin’s state-of-the-art headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire is built upon the passion, skill and creativity of the people who dedicate their working lives to the most iconic brand in the world. Every intricate stitch, beautifully expressed line, and the stirring noise of our engines, is a manifestation of the desire and collective spirit to create the most beautiful cars: the soul of Aston Martin made real. 

Key Responsibilities & Tasks:

  • Contribute to the generation of TdC ideas by supporting the planning and delivery of Idea Generation events.
  • Support the development and implementation of the TdC approach in Aston Martin.
  • Oversee Idea Owners in his / her function, ensure ideas move from initiation (IL1) to full implementation (IL5) as effectively & quickly as possible, leveraging support from colleagues in his / her function, and from other TdC Champions;
  • Allocate / request appropriate resource to ensure priority TdC ideas are implemented and savings are maximized;

For new ideas:

  • ensure an Idea Owner is allocated, an Idea A3 Sheet is completed and evaluated, and the idea is entered into WAVE.
  • ensure an Idea’s potential savings impact, investment and required resources are understood;
  • In WAVE, an implementation plan and Milestones exists,
  • For ideas in WAVE, ensure Idea Owners have populated all fields (across all 6 tabs) and content accurately reflect the actual status of the idea;
  • Coordinate implementation of ideas at a department level, and potentially with third party providers;
  • Where required, support Idea Owners present business cases to the VPs, and other Stakeholders for approval and allocation of resources;
  • Escalate any roadblocks to TdC Project Manager as soon as possible to ensure rapid resolution and continuous progress;
  • Support the planning and delivery of TdC Idea Generation events;
  • Report progress on TdC ideas to the TdC PM at Start of Shift meetings
  • Communicate TdC status in his / her function on a weekly basis

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Engineering degree 2:1 or higher, or alternatively an equivalent qualification.
  • Experience in a commodity delivery or project management role.
  • Should have direct experience of working with the relevant products.
  • Experience in the automotive industry.
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must possess an engineering mind-set and logical approach to problem solving.
  • Must be able to manage large workloads in a high pressure environment and prioritise accordingly.
  • Proactive approach to resolving issues.
  • Ability to develop recovery plans where necessary.
  • Must be able to work under their own initiative with minimum supervision to deliver objectives.
  • Should have good presentation skills.
  • Should have a good understanding of engineering process and a working knowledge of industry.
  • Must be proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office toolset.
  • A successful candidate must hit the ground running within a well-established team under significant daily pressure of work. The candidate must show strong character attributes as well as the necessary knowledge and experience above.