In the world of automotive excellence, few names stand as tall as Aston Martin Lagonda.

For Forbes and Millbank, the privilege of supporting such an iconic brand has been both an honour and a testament to our commitment to fostering growth and success.

Reflecting on Steve Norton's celebratory LinkedIn post marking his two-year anniversary with Aston Martin, it's evident that the journey has been one of immense pride and accomplishment for him. Two years, as Steve rightly notes, can feel like a whirlwind of experiences, challenges, and triumphs. And as partners in Aston Martin's recruitment endeavours, we've been privileged to witness the company's remarkable progress first hand.

Steve's acknowledgment of his team resonates deeply with us. The tireless commitment to excellence, the relentless pursuit of top-tier talent, and the unwavering dedication to Aston Martin's success are values that mirror our own. Together, we've navigated challenges, celebrated victories, and built lasting relationships that form the foundation of our partnership.

To Steve Norton, the TA team, and all our colleagues at Aston Martin, here's to the next chapter of success, innovation, and collaboration.

Read his inspiring post here > Steve Norton - Time Flies


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