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24 Hours of Le Mans 2019 – Can Aston Martin Repeat the Triumph of 1959?

12 Jun 2019

In 1959, Aston Martin achieved a historic outright 1-2 win with its incredible AMR1 racing car.

60 years later, Aston are bringing their latest Vantage AMR and GTE to the legendary French circuit in the hopes of creating some more history at Le Mans – and if any car company understands the weight of history, it’s Aston Martin.

First chance to see the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Continuation

It’s not just the track action that will get Aston Martin fans’ hearts racing at Le Mans this year. This weekend will also see the debut of a very special car steeped in history of its own.

Indeed, fans will get the first chance to glimpse the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Continuation at 24 Hours of Le Mans.


The original was a rarity with only 19 produced back in the 1960s, and its modern-day continuation is just as rare.

Only the best engineers are trusted to painstakingly recreating the classic racing car by hand at Aston Martin’s heritage department in Buckinghamshire.

But this isn’t just a carbon copy of the original. The continuation model is set to thrill even further with a 4.7 litre engine, giving more grunt than the 3.7 litre inline-six of its forebearer.

Be part of history

For some, watching Aston Martin Racing’s armada of Vantages storm the Le Mans circuit this weekend will be thrilling enough – As our Managing Director David Hopley and Automotive Manager Alan Johnson could attest to track-side at last year’s event.

However, if you want to be part of the action and have a background in automotive design or manufacturing, register your CV on our website or apply for one of our exciting roles within Automotive today.