Premium British automotive company Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has embarked on a strategic relocation of its T.50 supercar production to its newly-constructed Group headquarters in Highams Park, Surrey. This move signifies a pivotal step towards enhancing efficiency and advancing future model manufacturing processes.

The shift to the new Highams Park facility marks the transition of T.50 production from its former base at Dunsfold Park. This relocation not only promises streamlined manufacturing for the T.50 but also paves the way for optimised carbon fiber monocoque production for T.33 prototypes and upcoming models at the Dunsfold Park site. By producing monocoques on-site, the pre-production timeline for the supercar is set to accelerate significantly.

The establishment of the Gordon Murray Group HQ represents a substantial investment exceeding £50 million. This state-of-the-art campus, nestled in 54 acres of picturesque English parkland, boasts a purpose-built Vehicle Production Centre spanning 4,300 square meters, alongside the Gordon Murray Heritage collection. Additionally, a specially-designed Vehicle Dynamics Test Road ensures meticulous validation and pre-delivery checks for every GMA supercar.

Phillip Lee, Gordon Murray Group CEO, emphasises the strategic significance of the new headquarters:

The new Gordon Murray Automotive HQ at Highams Park signifies a significant investment for the business and underscores our commitment to future endeavours. We are thrilled to continue T.50 manufacturing at the new site while enhancing production efficiency for T.33 development prototypes.

With the transition to Highams Park, GMA is poised to complete the production of all 100 exclusive T.50 customer cars. Following this milestone, attention will turn to the production of 25 track-only T.50s Niki Lauda models before commencing the build of the T.33 coupe. Subsequently, the spotlight will shine on the T.33 Spider, marking another milestone in the Highams Park Vehicle Production Centre.

The relocation to the new headquarters heralds a new era of manufacturing efficiency for GMA. The purpose-built facility consolidates logistics, parts supply, and testing, fostering enhanced collaboration and production quality among supercar production teams.

Mofid Elkemiri, Gordon Murray Automotive CEO, highlights the acceleration of the T.33 program: “Moving production of our T.33 experimental prototype monocoques to the Dunsfold Park facility accelerates the program and boosts efficiencies significantly. We are making excellent progress with T.33 development and look forward to sharing details with customers and fans worldwide.”

In total, GMA plans to construct over 27 prototype versions of the T.33 coupe and Spider, rigorously testing and refining every aspect from chassis dynamics to emissions. With a focus on ‘Driving Perfection,’ the T.33 promises an unparalleled driving experience, powered by the 617 PS 3.9-liter Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine.

Gordon Murray Automotive remains steadfast in its commitment to seven core brand principles: Driving Perfection, Lightweight, Engineering Art, Premium Brand, A Return to Beauty, Exclusivity, and The Customer Journey. This dedication ensures that each GMA creation embodies the essence of automotive excellence.

Source: www.gordonmurrayautomotive.com “Gordon Murray Automotive moves T.50 supercar production to new HQ” Gordon Murray News Release



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