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Government boosts UK’s nuclear energy future with £200m investment

28 Jun 2018

The UK government has announced it will continue its support of nuclear energy through a Nuclear Sector Deal worth £200m, meaning cheaper energy bills for consumers.

The Nuclear Sector Deal, part of the Industrial Strategy, was announced today (June 28th) by Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark.

The deal is designed to encourage a long and prosperous future for the nuclear energy industry, supporting innovation, technology and ensuring a highly skilled diverse workforce is in place.

New skills, new people

Significantly, the deal aims to create 100,000 jobs in nuclear by 2021, with a target of 40% women in the industry by 2030.

Now is the perfect time to review your CV and submit it to Millbank, who have been supplying quality people to the nuclear industry for many years. While previous nuclear experience is an advantage, any experience in highly regulated sectors such as water is also valuable.

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Cost of new builds and decommissioning to fall

Another result of the deal will be the cutting of the cost of new nuclear power stations by 30% by 2030, while cutting the cost of decommissioning old nuclear sites by up to 20%.

This is great news for the energy sector as a whole, with Hinkley Point C just one of several planned new builds in the UK. The government has recently committed to enter into negotiations with Hitachi to push forward the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station in Anglesey, and more will be needed in the coming decades to deliver sustainable low-carbon energy for the UK in the future.