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Jaguar Land Rover-owner chooses UK for giant car battery plant

25 May 2023

Exciting news for the UK automotive industry! The UK is set to host a massive electric car battery plant, edging out Spain in the competition. Tata, the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover, is finalising the deal in Somerset, which is expected to create up to 9,000 new jobs.

This investment marks a significant milestone for the UK, with experts likening it to Nissan's arrival in the 1980s. The government has offered substantial incentives, including cash grants, energy subsidies, and funding for training and research, totalling around £800 million. Somerset's selection is a testament to the region's strong power infrastructure, skilled workforce, and the renowned heritage of Jaguar Land Rover's brands.

The UK's success in securing this battery plant is vital for the country's automotive industry and its future. With only one operational battery plant currently in the UK, this investment paves the way for further developments in battery manufacturing. This is crucial as the UK aims to catch up to the EU, which already boasts 35 operational, under-construction, or planned battery plants.

As an automotive recruitment business, we are thrilled by the prospects of job creation and the positive impact this investment will have on the industry. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development that will shape the future of automotive manufacturing in the UK!

Reference: “Jaguar Land Rover-owner to pick UK over Spain for giant car battery plant” Simon Jack, Business Editor