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Rise of the Robots

16 May 2018

Across the board, automation technology is rapidly changing the landscape of countless industries, particularly manufacturing. What are the skills that the human workforce will still contribute, in collaboration with robots and computer-controlled systems?

Out with the old skills, in with the new

In general, any skilled work is likely to continue whereas unskilled jobs (sorting, weighing etc.) are expected to be automated sooner or later. In other words, knowledge-based roles are beginning to supersede physical labour jobs in manufacturing.

For example, while 3D printing machines have taken the place of human roles in parts manufacturing, new skills are needed to maintain and programme these machines. Knowledge of software and systems will be invaluable in any case.

Education in these areas has struggled to keep pace with technology innovation, so any training or experience that could be gained in these new areas will be a big advantage to job seekers.

Jack of many trades

In general, it is no longer enough to possess one or two specific technical skills. Employers are looking for adaptability and more well-rounded staff who can be flexible, communicate and collaborate more effectively across the business.

While good logic and mathematical skills will get candidates ahead, it’s skills like problem solving and the ability to troubleshoot the technologies the business uses that will boost careers in the future.

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