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World’s First EPR Nuclear Reactor Delivers Power to Grid

2 Jul 2018

On June 29th 2018, Taishan 1 in China became the first EPR (European Pressurised Reactor) to be connected to the grid.

It’s the same technology that will be used at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, which is currently under construction.

The EPR design features third-generation nuclear technology developed by EDF and Framatome. The design will also be used at new sites in France (Flamanville 3) and Finland (Olkiluoto 3).

EPR technology uses 17% less uranium than older generation reactors and are among the safest and most efficient civil nuclear reactors to be built.

Taishan 1 has a capacity of 1,660 MWe, and has a sister reactor, Taishan 2, due to go live next year. By comparison Hinkley Point C is planned to have two 1,630 MWe capacity reactors.

Read the full press release from EDF here.

Working in Nuclear

At Millbank we anticipate this news to boost confidence in nuclear new builds, which are a vital part of the UK’s low carbon energy mix in the coming decades.

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