H-TEC SYSTEMS, a pioneer in PEM electrolysis technology, has teamed up with Bilfinger, a global leader in industrial services, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to spearhead green hydrogen projects across Europe. This strategic partnership aims to advance large-scale electrolysis projects by leveraging the strengths of both companies.

Central to this collaboration is the development of innovative concepts for green hydrogen projects. H-TEC SYSTEMS and Bilfinger will work together to align technical and commercial interfaces, ensuring seamless integration and flexibility in project-specific arrangements. This approach optimises project outcomes and enhances efficiency.

Both companies are committed to the critical role of green hydrogen in transforming the energy sector. They emphasise the importance of collaborative efforts among industry stakeholders to accelerate the growth of the hydrogen economy. With the global demand for green hydrogen projected to rise significantly, H-TEC SYSTEMS and Bilfinger see vast business opportunities in this expanding market. Bilfinger brings its expertise as an industrial plant service provider, while H-TEC SYSTEMS contributes its advanced PEM electrolysis technology.

PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysis is a process that uses an electrical current to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through a specialised membrane. This technology boasts high efficiency and rapid response times, operating at lower temperatures and pressures. It is ideal for decentralised and on-demand hydrogen production, reducing energy consumption and emissions.

In large-scale electrolysis projects, the primary electrolysis component is typically supplied by an OEM like H-TEC SYSTEMS, while an EPC/EPCM company or plant integrator, such as Bilfinger, handles the balance-of-plant aspects. Well-defined interfaces and standardised plant concepts add significant value for all stakeholders.

The partnership aims to explore joint ventures as preferred partners in relevant projects, leveraging their complementary strengths to create mutual value.

“We are delighted with the partnership with H-TEC SYSTEMS, which is designed to address the increasing demands of our clients while enhancing project execution and efficiency,” said Ulrich Trebbe, Product Manager H2 at Bilfinger.

Our collaboration holds the potential to significantly advance the sustainable evolution of our energy infrastructure toward zero-carbon technologies. Innovation, technological prowess, cost-effectiveness, and customer-centricity will be pivotal in this transition.

"We are thrilled to establish this partnership with Bilfinger," said Robin von Plettenberg, CEO of H-TEC SYSTEMS. "Our partnership provides a core value proposition to our mutual clients. Customers aiming to invest in a green hydrogen plant seek dependable and trustworthy partners capable of providing standardized, optimized, and replicable plant concepts. This, in turn, aids in mitigating overall project complexity, risks, and costs."

source:  www.chemanalyst.com "H-TEC SYSTEMS and Bilfinger Join Forces for Green Hydrogen Projects in Europe" Stella Fernandes


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